A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT – tonight people are grieving. Tonight people are dying. Tonight people are not blooming as God wants us to. Don’t give up. Persevere to do good, to be good. I promise I will do the same if you, with your uniqueness, will do.


Good blessed morning, reader! I think I found a video that is related to what is open in this website. However, I need some more input from you. The video is 18:26 minutes long. Would someone you know might want to write more about this? https://youtu.be/vSGAEB6RFIs Father also shares many resources that are most helpful in your journey through your mental illness disorder, depression, and anxiety.

I am happy this morning. I hope you are, too.


Good morning! I have removed the password to a POST. If you want to, read 2 Corinthians 12, only or both, or none.


Good evening, readers! I opened up the comment option on the POST. Thank you to those 4 people in the community that responded.

Also, my contact email address is not working. I have reported it and hopefully, it will be fixed by the 14th of November, so I can contact you who requested me to send you an email if I am interested in having you write on my website in exchange for posting your website link here.


Good day, readers! I have opened up the comment option on the POST. I have come to understand that your encouraging comments matter to me but what matters to me more is that I reach those in need of the POST. I hope that your comments will begin to continue to develop into encouragement for others in the community we have here.


Note to readers: I have asked my publisher to add a tab – RESOURCES. This is better than at the very bottom of the announcements tab. Also, it will help those wondering where my sources come from.


Thinking of making some changes. Maybe membership, email subscription, newsletter . . .ummmm. . .the thing is that the information on the website would not be entirely free. I do not like this idea very much because the vision for this website will defeat the original purpose of blogging. Any ideas?


Hello. After much contemplation, it has been decided that I will publish another book – Random Thoughts on Why do I talk to God? It will be a collection of some of the blogs I have posted. This is to benefit others that may not have access to unlimited internet plans.

Readers, if you think that the blogs in a book will help others, please frequent back to this website for news on the new book, purchase and gift it to your friends or family. Thank you so much for your visits to this website.


Readers, I am turning to you! Would you consider supporting my niece by making donations? Her mother is giving her the option to move in with a guy friend so that she can save some rent money. She currently goes to college and works the weekends to make ends meet. I have always prayed that my writing will be there to help others free of charge. I have done so so far! And I would like to continue to do so. Besides, I do not like my writing to be motivated by how much I can be rewarded monetarily. Just to be able to write about God in my life makes me whole.

Would you consider supporting her? The donation buttons are in the ORDER tab of this website. If you cannot donate at this time, please pray for her and me that my blogging will remain a free resource for those suffering from mental illness, depression, and anxiety.

Thank you!



Something new!

When I look at myself in the mirror, I see the ugliest, chubby-looking person crying.  But in my person, I am crying with the most unconsolable love pouring out of my heart – my heart is opened, receiving the promise that God will never leave us as orphans.  I took this mostly from watching this video from Sr. Bethany Madonna “Receiving the Promise” https://youtu.be/k4BNpnun0Jw

She made me laugh and cry with unconsolable love. 

She tells of a story about a lady who had two abortions, and goes to confession.  All the while driving to confession, she heard a voice.  In her words – I am clutching the steering wheel when suddenly I started hearing a whisper.  You don’t have to do this.  What about the second abortion?  You are not going to tell them about that one, are you?  you don’t have to.  Why are you making this so difficult on yourself? – she struggled.  When she got to the priest, he drew out her story.  Then he put his hands down as if lifting a lamb and placing it on his shoulder.  He uttered, “All of heaven rejoices when the lost lamb is found.  Welcome home.”

She tells of another story of a young lad going to Mass.  The young lad watching the people receiving communion said, “Mom, I want that.  I need that.  Mom, please.”  Mom said, “No dear, you can’t have it.  One day you’ll be baptized and you will receive HOLY COMMUNION.”  He was in uncontrollable tears as he described his church experience – They had God’s love and they wouldn’t give it to me – Awwww!

Sr. Bethany Madonna by virtue of her embodiment makes me feel beautiful and at peace.


Good morning, readers! Did you see my new tab? – For 12 & under. This tab is for parents or guardians to read to the children in their lives. Yes, random thoughts for 12 & under.


1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given


To sit in silence and run these questions through my mind – colloquy with the Lord.

Do you love me, Lord?

Do you forgive me, Lord?

Do you hate me, Lord?

I thirst for you, Lord?

Will you cover me with your love, Lord?

Will this day be blessed, Lord?

Will you answer me, Lord?

I thirst for you, Lord?

Hear and answer me.


Good Friday afternoon! What a beautiful hot day!

My chatbox has been updated with a more communicable message. I can be contacted online and offline.

Potential guest writers, this is a good place to write me. Please enter your email address and doublecheck it. I will get back to you with a message.

I hope this chatbox helps some of you who are trying to contact me.


Good afternoon readers! Many of you have asked about my website design, plugins, etc. I have a host service with ReadersMagnet. If you sign up and mention my name, you will get $250.00 off your next service with them. Reader, if you decide you want to learn more about hosting with my publisher, please give me your email address and name. You can send your contact information to [email protected] I will forward it to my consultant. I have been working with them for almost two years and am quite happy with them, especially because I do not know how to web host on my own.


Good morning! It’s 2:29 a.m. PST. If you are up, reader, I am looking for a children’s book illustrator. If you are interested in combining efforts to publish a children’s book, please contact me!


Have a splendid day, readers! I am praying for this community tonight at mass.


Good afternoon! I just wanted to drop some messages.

Some readers like my blogging and have visited my order tab to purchase my books. These 3 books are short and easy to carry around in a backpack or purse. They are different from my blogs but still my thoughts. I invite your support in running this website through donations or through ordering my book(s). The books are available from a number of sellers at different prices. On Alibris.com, two books are being sold as collectibles (if you prefer). I would like to write more books and I invite readers to support my random thoughts book series. My next book will be a collection of blogs, for you to keep if you want, and for those who prefer a book.

Some readers have also been asking about plugins. Unfortunately, I am not web smart and cannot help.

Thank you again to this community for sharing and reading.


I have shared another video source of this website. The link is in the blog on Sympathetic favorites.


Just in case readers are wondering, I do not post comments submitted for advertising pharmacies. 🙂


I understand that there are readers that are struggling to define me and my writing, please do let out, which is the way to recovery from depression and anxiety. Share with me through email or FB DM. Please note because I use apps, confidentiality is out of my control. However, snail mail might work.


Readers, some of you have requested more on what my sources are – this youtube video is what I watched this morning. https://youtu.be/LwwiIkrLxTM It describes what true intimacy is through the Eucharist. For those readers addicted to porn and viagra in the community, this is something you need to watch. I am trying to pray for you.


Hello readers! I have 10 extra copies of my first book – Random Thoughts. If you would like me to send you one, please go to the chatbox and send me your name and address. Happy Lord’s day!


Lord, let me help one person today.


I wonder why readers do not come back to reply to my comments to them.


Readers, have you been able to find similar sources this website offers? I try to share my sources in my blog on Sympathetic Favorites.

Also, I often answer readers’ inquiries about similar topics. I find similar subjects because of social media cookies. This is not the only way. I, also, search for topics on the internet as I am able to ask certain questions. Keep searching is my suggestion.


Good morning! Good morning Blessed Mother! Good morning Jesus! Good morning St Michael!

Readers, I have added a chatbox on my website at the request of a few readers to receive my contact details. I hope someone tries it out! I am not always online but my chatbox captures offline messages which I can see and answer God willing.

Are some of you trying to reach out to me about blogging, about the subject of this website, about . . .? Or, a writing project? I got a message the other day about writing for a workshop. It did not work out. But these blogs made an impact on the employer that she contacted me. I am thankful.

My writing is very focused on the style because I am reaching out as an author to our community. Consistency helps me keep in good communication with my readers.

I will attempt to write in Spanish. Please forgive me if I do not write well.



Father William Nicholas’ answers my question about the community I serve in https://youtu.be/TQPfVg6cDu0.


Good afternoon! Thank you to all those readers who ordered my new book and the one who ordered my old books. For those who do not wish to order the books, may you perhaps consider a small donation via the buttons on the order tab. I am trying to raise small amounts of money for an orphanage in Africa. My target is US$25/month. Please donate only if you are able. Thank you so much for your patronage, readers!


Thank you! I am offline on my chatbox now. Please leave an offline message.


Good evening! Some of you have been trying to get my contact details. Besides a contact tab and contact email button, a chatbox has been added. You will be able to contact me there. If I am offline, you will be able to leave a message and your email address for a later conversation. I am watching a movie now, so I will keep my chatbox online for about an hour and a half. Hope to talk to you soon, reader.


Happy New Year! Did you hear the fireworks at midnight!!! Yay! May you all bring wonderful choices into your lives this life-giving year of 2022!


This is not a New Year’s Resolution https://www.history.com/news/the-history-of-new-years-resolutions that stems from the Babylonian times. It is a promise to a New Year with this beautifully lit Friday, December 31, 2021, morning. It is being dazzled by God’s creation of this beautiful morning in this beautiful city. Only in the last two days, rain has fallen. This morning I woke up to moisture on my windows and birds singing. In the light of this,

I will not . . .

Depend on my priest to bring light to my darkness this new year.  I will depend on God.

I will not . . .

Procrastinate with my studies of the Spanish language.  I will be disciplined.

I will not . . .

Skip stories and contact with friends and relatives who mean a lot to me, who attended my daughter’s baby shower years ago, and crucial events in my life.  I will appreciate them with sincerity.

I will depend on God.

I will be disciplined.

I will appreciate friends and relatives with sincerity.

I will hold true this year.

[What will you readers not do and will do this new year?]


Merry Christmas, readers! Bless the one who is born to die . . . God loves you! Makes me cry just thinking about it.


The little voice says to rest from writing today. God be with you.


twitter beğeni hilesi readers. You are funny. Please comment in more detail about this website. . .not just how many followers you received. 🙂


Good morning readers! In the comments sections, please share where you are viewing from.


Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not recommended to view this website. A number of my readers have had issues with that browser. I use Chrome.


I listened to Bishop Barron https://youtu.be/L9pu57LWtZw This supports our community that spirituality can help mental illness get better.


I am not sure if I have any teenage readers or parent(s) readers interested in a camp. Here’s a link https://lifeteen.com/ My daughter plans to attend with her friends.


Good Friday morning and for some Friday evening! I often find that when I read something twice, I learn something new about the message. Often it becomes clearer. So I suggest going back to my blogs and searching up the blog that resonated with you the first time you read it. It may reveal something new about today. My priest taught me this! :). Here is the blog that touches upon reading things twice looking-with-the-merciful-eyes-of-god.


Readers. . .good blessed morning! Please note a random thought of mine. . .I cannot teach how to live a relatively happy life. This doesn’t come from me but Him! Now, go through your day doing the best you can and if you find time, be grateful and thank Him.


Readers from satin al! I have temporarily stopped advertising your website because I am trying to figure out if you are spamming for followers or trying to help the readers in this community? Have a nice day.


Good morning readers! Are you interested in ebooks of various topics to download? I have been receiving comments with links for books on this community. Let me know if you are interested. My ebooks are there too.


A reader asked for other websites/blogs/forums that post similar content. I can give you my sources. Please view my blog on ‘Sympathetic’ favorites. Reader, thank you for asking.


Good afternoon readers! Apparently, my books are available on amazon in your countries. However, not all countries have amazon. But, they are on third-party book sites. Also, a reader from Iran posted his/her website that he/she can download my book for purchase. Are you interested? So, it’s amazon in your country or third-party booksellers or downloadable website (in Iran). Enjoy!

Update: I have some readers from ebookmaster.org for a lower price for my books.


“The quest for personal prestige can become a spiritual malady, masquerading itself even behind good intentions: for example, when behind the good we do and preach, we actually seek ourselves alone and our own affirmation, that is, that we get ahead and climb up… We therefore always need to evaluate our heart’s real intentions, to ask ourselves: “Why am I carrying out this work, this responsibility? To offer service or rather to be recognized, praised and to receive compliments?” … There are so, so many in need, and after the pandemic there are many more. Seek to be immersed in service rather than to climb up for one’s own glory.”

Pope Francis

This struck me because I am constantly reminded that I have my blogs to promote the sales of my book series.  Moreover, I am always struggling with the purpose of my writing. . .between a means of getting praise and affirmation from my readers and helping others.  I am reminded above that I must stand fast on my real intention.  What is my real intention?

In my childhood, I was left alone at home a lot.  I rarely interacted with other children.  As I grew up, I became angry with my loneliness.  For many years, I would automatically dwell on and replay my angry emotions in my head.  No one helped me.  God listened and just stayed with me.  My mental illness showed its ugly self at age 22.  Looking back, God instilled in me to have compassion for those people suffering from mental illness, depression, and anxiety.  While there are many people suffering, I only pray that I am reaching out to at least one person.  This is the beginning.  That is the service and real intention I cherish.


Ok, still Friday morning. I was going through the comments. We need some organization here or is it just me? It looks like some readers are answering comments from the past. My WordPress has not caught up yet to follow the thread. So, please cut and paste the comment you are answering for now, if possible. I am trying to see what you see.

Google translate into Turkish:

Tamam, hala Cuma sabahı. Yorumlardan geçiyordum. Burada bir organizasyona ihtiyacımız var mı yoksa sadece ben miyim? Görünüşe göre bazı okuyucular geçmişten gelen yorumları yanıtlıyor. WordPress'im konuyu takip etmek için henüz yakalanmadı. Bu nedenle, mümkünse şimdilik yanıtladığınız yorumu kesip yapıştırın. Ne gördüğünü görmeye çalışıyorum.

Thank you!


Good Friday morning readers! Just an update on where I stand. I have recently received two requests for part 2’s, so I am working on that. In the meantime, I am posting other posts and I hope you learn something from them.

Also, I am working with my publisher on getting more amazon buttons on my website for my books, to cut shipping costs on orders. Hope that helps the people that have started ordering and never completed the book order. I recommend getting all three books and YES I have a third book that came out recently – Random Thoughts on Love. Enjoy as my writing will take a different turn for the future.

Also, a reader has asked for recommendations of other websites. I will post this in my Sympathetic Favorites posts for you. I hope that helps, reader. Those favorites keep me happy and balanced plus I spend less time on all kinds of social media. I do post on Twitter and Facebook to lead others to our community, but it is much of a repeat of this website. Instragram was requested for my Random Thoughts. . .still in the works, I think 🙂

Maybe you noticed? I added some donate buttons to my website. This was upon reader request because the reader wanted to help me keep my website up. Just in case you noticed. I just incurred about $700 in debt to keep this website running for two years. Any help, no matter how small (only disposable income please), will be appreciated.



Good afternoon! I have just added a new category – READERS’ SPECIAL REQUESTS. The first post is I AM AN ORDINARY PERSON – stemming off of ORDINARY PEOPLE.


Good morning! An update for you today is about the problem with purchasing my books from abroad/internationally. For those in the United Kingdom, Australia and Uganda, please use the amazon website in your own country. It seems the amazon button on my tab is for United States delivery only and I noticed some of you tried to order my books and were unsuccessful. I have been assured by my publisher that the books are available on your country’s amazon site. Hope it works for you. Thank you all for your support.


How are you today? I am working on a few things my readers might have interest in. I am working with my publisher on adding several international amazon buttons to my order tab – Uganda, United Kingdom, and Australia. This will help my readers to place an order for my books in your own country. I noticed amazon USA cannot deliver to the United Kingdom. Your support will be appreciated.

Also, just in case, you are wondering, my third book is in the works. It has a different style from blogging. Maybe, it will give you a new idea if you pursue to change your lives from being depressed to relatively being happy. Thank you for being in our community. I appreciate you guys and gals.


I want to retract my reader’s request for a donation button. I feel I would be doing wrong to write for money. The purpose for me writing has always been to help others with mental illness. To monetize this website would be to be ungrateful to God that I can write. So, although I am thankful for the suggestion, I wish to retract and make my writing available to all who will read, without expecting donations. . . 🙂

One of you has suggested a donate button. While my publisher is working on it, I have started a https://vocal.media/ account where you can tip my website for my posts. This would be much appreciated. However, If you do not have the means but want to start earning for your own stories, try joining this group. Many readers have either asked to post on my website or are interested in blogging. If you feel you want to explore writing and get paid per reader, please check out the group. Blessings to all and may He guide your path.

News & Updates

Today’s thought to my readers!  Do you have a favorite charity that you donate to regularly?  If so, please share with me the link to the non-profit organization and I will post it here.  My hope is that another reader might want to continue our blogs/thoughts on this website and support by donating to a reader’s charity.

Hello readers!

A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT – tonight people are grieving. Tonight people are dying. Tonight people are not blooming as God wants us to. Don’t give up. Persevere to do good, to be good. I promise I will do the same if you, with your uniqueness, will do….

‘Sympathetic’ Favorites

Good blessed morning, reader! I think I found a video that is related to what is open in this website. However, I need some more input from you. The video is 18:26 minutes long. Would someone you know might want to write more about this? https://youtu.be/vSGAEB6RFIs…


The little voice wants me to talk/write about LOVE.  I wrote a book, Random Thoughts on Love.  It seems that is not enough – 24 pages on a 5” x 8” book.  I asked myself, “Those 24 pages were my Random Thoughts.  What more is there?”  The more…

Prevention or Repulsion

So, the little voice told me that I won the Powerball lotto.  As a person with mental illness, depression, and anxiety, I ruminated over his words.  That is where I became tempted. Me thought:  As I promised, I will spend the winnings doing good. …

LOVE again

This is the second night the little voice says to write about LOVE.  My thoughts say, “How do I write about LOVE again?”  I have written a book on LOVE – Random Thoughts on Love.  I have written on LOVE, last night.  Then I was led to this prayer…

Luke 11:44-46 Jesus Denounces the Hypocrisy of the Pharisees and Lawyers

Brother Emmanuel shares: “Woe to you! You are like unseen graves over which people unknowingly walk.” Then one of the scholars of the law said to him in reply, “Teacher, by saying this you are insulting us too.” And he said, “Woe also to you scholars of the law! You…

What is Love?

LOVE. . .what can I write about LOVE? My love for my daughter’s father He raises his voice angrily at me.  My random thought responses:  Did he have a long day?  Did he have a difficult customer today?  Does he have a headache?  Is he busy? He…

Luke 16:19-21 The Rich Man and Lazarus

“There was a rich man who dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day. And lying at his door was a poor man named Lazarus, covered with sores, who would gladly have eaten his fill of the scraps that fell from the rich man’s table. Dogs…

A Model of the Litany of Humility

O Jesus, meek and humble of heart, hear me. If I have a disordered desire of being esteemed, will I crave far more? If I have a disordered desire of being loved, will I crave far more? If I have a disordered desire of being extolled, will I crave far more? If I have a…

Love is Like Rain

God loves us – you, me and everyone His love falls on us like droplets of rain, in a park. Unless someone has an umbrella or is under a tree, there is no escaping the shower.   There is no escaping God’s love. Is it not funny, how some people wish for the…

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God’s children ministry

Get in Touch. Get Involved.


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You may be having a bad night.  It’s okay.  Try this music https://youtu.be/fKQnT_vfnuk

It is very comforting and soothing. I sent it to a friend. She is a little under the weather.

Thursday, July 1st, 2021.

Okay. I am reversing the order of the announcements – latest one on the top beginning today.

May I suggest to readers to use their first name on the comments?

Hello Readers!

First of all, I want to say thank you for your patronage.  I have tried to reply to many of the comments I have been receiving on my blogs. I especially want to thank some of you who have shared your writings and stories with me.

There have been some of you who want to get my contact information.  One way you can contact me is through the website – contact button or tab.  I will try to reply as best I can.  Also, I have wanted to be able to contact you to answer your inquiries, like posting your writing on my website.   Besides reaching me by email, here is an announcement page which I hope to send occasional announcements to reach you all.  So, when you visit my website again, please stop by this tab.Thank you!

Hello Readers!

I hope this helps someone in mental illness today as I share how to pray. Start with three words and use these words in your prayer:

Monday, June 14, 2021

It’s 12:54 a.m.

I had a dinner argument with my husband last night.  I stopped and these words came to mind.




Dear Lord,

Speak these words from my mouth to my husband – Lord, give me the grace of FORGIVENESS again.  Let my tongue and my mind of fire stop and not carry on with thoughtless words.  They exist as words alone that cause divisiveness. Let the grace of FORGIVENESS cover us that we have caused calumny.  Let me begin with my ears and LISTEN to the message my husband is trying to say to me.  I must TRUST God that He will guide my husband’s purpose.  I TRUST in God.  I TRUST my husband as I TRUSTED him when we were married.  I TRUST whom I have married.

In Jesus’ Name. 

Hello Readers!

I received an email from someone talking about science class. I deleted it because I did not know what to say. I am sorry. Please email me and share your story. I am here to listen.

Hello Readers!

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Peter, the first pope, and Paul, the missionary first in Church. . .thirst came – look not on your sins but the faith of your church.  Then, trust intercessions.  God’s angel may bring us life, springs of blessing (Father Godfrey, 2021)  Finish your race and keep your vocation.

My point is made in this paragraph in my thoughts.