My mind clouded with money.  Is yours, too?

Money has the tenacity to infiltrate even the most scared places of the mind.  When there is a shortage, the evil spirits spread the lies and the deceipts and irrational activities, that altogether break down the family unit.

With the family broken, against one another, the evil spirits resound that they were right that the human mind is not worth the graces of Father God.  But one light (a candle – the Truth) can never be extinguished by the dark.  It burns fervently, unceasingly, lovingly, and eternally, as all will pass.  Therefore remains the Truth, the Way and the Light, as the New Covenant keeps on unfolding.

With this mindset, we are born again with zeal and hope.  The morning begins with a drop of the morning dew on the leaf.  So much so, that I will not take part of the temptations that are all around me.  For the morning dew is a blessing that trickles to the tip of the leaf, falling onto another.  The creation of water that sustains life, sustains us all.  Do you not agree?

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