1. Do you think war is ever a ‘just’ war and worth fighting? 

            For me, it really depends on the situation. A country could go to war for what they think is a good reason, but in the end it ends up not being. A war being ‘just’ depends on the eyes of the beholders. A general may think a war is great for it brings him glory, while a soldier may think it’s terrible cause they are being sent out with no plan. A war at the start could be just, but it can change by what actions we commit during the war to see if it stays just.

           If a war starts by one country protecting its home, then that is ok. But over time, if the country begins to fight for power, the reasons for the war change. We (as humans) can be corrupted quite easily, and under the stress of war these pressuring thoughts could blind us to what is right and what is wrong. There are always ‘just’ and ‘worth fighting’ wars, but those are not talked about nor do they happen often. So in my opinion, yes I think war is ‘just’ and ‘worth fighting’, but only sometimes or at the beginning of the war.


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