My husband said, “I do it for the family!!! #@!”

I could not doubt at all when we first met and got married.  We had family and everything seemed to be family.

Then something bad happen, Satan came in and took over the thoughts and twisted.  What we believed as doing for the family became what I now know is EGO supplemented (captial sin) PRIDE.

I would often be quoted, “I do it for the family!”  As I worked day after day, earning and earning.  I worked hours and all I got was envy because someone has offered to help me earn for my family.  ANYWAY, this peaked to police calling because it involved twisted my emotions and torment..

So, it was Satan!  He said do this at all costs so that you can earn for the family.  Twisted.  Let it be known, the EGO heightened and then PRIDE.

So when this happens to you and your spouse, ask yourself a question?  Would you give up needed work-time, for an hour to spend and absorb your family at dinner.  At that time, do you really blot out all thoughts of work for the family?  . . .just that hour?  The choice is yours, and Satan, will try. . .


(this is partly fictional)


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