I have been accused by a sacristan of diddley dallying in the sanctuary.

She has taken a disliking to me.

I had tried to explain to her my reason for being in the sanctuary.

She will not hear.  And said that only sacristans are allowed in the sanctuary.  I said that if I become a sacristan, will I be allowed?  She basically said not when Mass is not happening.

She dislikes me because she is hurt by my form of doing the work of our priests and Our Father.

~ I understand and I have solutions:

1.  Grant me special permission like sacristans.

2.  Respect the sanctuary and always have 2 or more persons recording so that one can stay in the Church and the other can stay in the Relics Chapel.

3.  Worst solution.  Because of the hurt caused on us both, we must avoid each other.  This is not a solution and should not be a choice by either of us.

I love this sacristan in proper order, and her worship of the Mass and Lord through her own talents.

Me:  “I’m sorry.  I hope you forgive me.  I love you, in proper order.”

God bless you!


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