So I wrote; and, wrote; and, wrote.

Rewrite the stars (a song I am listening to now),

Me (testing my daughter to prepare her for college):  Are you going to eat a lot?

~ I hurt my daughter tonight.

Her tears trickled down her face. . .

Me:  I promise I will teach you how to forgive and love again.

Me:  First, you start with love.  (Give love to the one that hurt you, especially to the one that you trusted the most.)

Me:  Then, you give more LOVE.

Me:  Then, you learn how to forgive.

Me:  Then, you give more LOVE.

I offer my daughter a bowl of her favorite noodles.

Her (She rejects.):  No, I don’t want it.

Me:  I offer her my Jasmine Milk Tea with Boba (her favorite drink, in the past weeks.)

I cough.

Her (She rejects the Boba and pushes aside back to me.)

Me:  See you gave me something to drink because of my cough.

~ has she indeed learned how to forgive?

Me (ordering from the waitress in Cantonese):  Please bring me another order of the Jasmine Milk Tea.  A large one!

Waitress:  With Boba?

Me:  Yes, with Boba, please.

~ for my daughter.

Me:  And, then the people who were good to you will come around and support you and make you smile.

Me (saying to the waitress in Cantonese):  My daughter is sad.  I scolded her.

Waitress (to my daughter, and me):  Oh, don’t be sad.  It is a Happy New Year. don’t be so sad.

Her (she smiles at the waitress, which softened my heart)

~ does she forgive? (a thought a mother)

I offer my daughter another bowl of her favorite noodles.

~ I knew my daughter 

Me:  Then, the LOVE comes from your FATHER!

Father:  Stop it now.

The waitress brought the Jasmine Milk Tea with Boba

~ in a glorious bag

to our table.

~ for my daughter with LOVE.


LOVE knows no bounds, reader.  For the one that hurts you, think of LOVE for the other person.  More LOVE. . .then forgiveness will return to your soul and cleanse your soul. 


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