I love that my husband talks to me but lately he has been raising his voice at me.  That caused my right ear to hurt and deafen and I told him.

Today the Lord, cleared my hearing, in my right ear, from the hurt that deafened it.  The words became clear.  I heard the truck slide a little on the road about 23 meters away from me.  I heard the sound of my daughter whispering something sweet to me.  I heard the voice of my daughter slurping her dinner in a gush of delicious and hearty and happy sounds.  Hungry and happy, I enjoyed her slurp.  

I heard many things which told me the Lord healed my right ear.  The hurt that my husband projected at me was forgiven and I was healed!


After the healing, I was filled with gratitude (a gift from the Holy Spirit and the Flame of Love) – so much, so that I thanked and thanked and thanked – my daughter, my husband, and most and sincerely Our Father.  Who am I?  A simple instrument to share the love my Father has shown me through everything around me.  Everything. . .the crows! the trees! the rain! photosynthesis! good people!


Reader, I advise you to heal through Our Father and the grace that pours out in abundance from Him every day!  EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Say, “Bless the Lord!”, “Bless the water!”,  “Bless the crows!”,  “Bless the trees!”,  “Bless photosynthesis!”  The people you love, BLESS THEM!


I love you.

Always, always, always.  Thank G




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