Freedom to choose – I can’t sleep (for young adults and adults)

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My back is aching as I lay in bed.  My mind is ruminating over the day.  I have pain in my temples.  

The Lord says, “I must have you sleep.  Your body aches because you won’t stop ruminating.  Your temples pierce because you are not listening to me.”

He continues, “Stop thinking about the day.”  I am learning the hard way.  The book, “Flame of Love”, by a Carmelite secular layperson, mentions that God spoke to her and, something to the effect of, why do you spend time thinking of things of this world, instead of being with me?

My back is aching as I write.  I have less pain in the left temple.  As I write, I am making mistakes in words.  Backspacing and retyping where necessary, just to get it right.

Have I not learned my lesson?  As I talked and think about Jesus, I begin to yawn.  I begin to find peace, and I bid you good night..

It is not simple, but it is very simple.

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