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It just begins with hurt that is deep.  The mind bathes in people who are reputable, holy and just good all in all.  There becomes no doubt in the mind that one such person can do no wrong.  The mind is filled with good tidings of this person.  However, once that person hurts that image and hurts that person with things as simple as the use of words, the mind fights.  

The mind fights with thoughts like,

  • How can this person hurt me?
  • Am I wrong in my life?

Basically, insecurities about everything in life, in the thoughts, creep up.

The mind is fighting back to make the other person look bad, demoralize the build up of other person, etc.

The mind fights for revenge!  

[Pause and calm]

The Carmelite Spirituality creates the presence of God in the mind.  God calms the mind with every inch of disruptive thought, surpassed by discernment.

The disruptive thought or thoughts are wrong and only the sacrament of reconciliation can bring about true forgiveness.  That is the beginning, for a mentally ill mind, but it is the beginning.

As time goes by the mind heals.  With the help of God in the mind, the healing is possible.

Perhaps, I should change the title of this article.


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