As I set at my desk at 1:14 in the morning, I try to gather my thoughts on HUMILITY.

Maybe just writing in small caps the word humility, is humility in itself?

Maybe just wanting to write about humility and admitting that our Blessed Mother lives in humility.  She does not toot her horn at her existence.  She appears in apparitions to save by healing and instructing the faithful AND the lost.  This is a magnanimous feat but she comes and goes, blessed and beautiful.

I have not got the answer.  And in your mind, maybe you do but you do not admit that you do.  Do you understand. . .

By writing that you have humility is not humility, is it???

Now there goes to say that there are acts of humility happening all around us.

~ there was a homeless woman at a thanksgiving luncheon held and organized by The Salvation Army.  And, there was another homeless gentleman, quite rough and demanding towards me.  The homeless woman spoke out and said, “Hey, be kind to her.  She is only trying to help.”  Before that moment, I was flustered by the gentleman, but the woman exuded humility.  She was in disregard for everything except to stand up for what was an act of righteousness towards me.  She had no business and no means, but she did what she did.

~ there was a homeless, bearded young man at the recycling center.  I was filling my basket with recyclables and he gently came over and tossed in my wired basket, a plastic water bottle, for me to fill my pockets with coins.  Then he walked away and looked into the sky and praised the Lord!  He was scruffed and needed the money, yet he showed he needed the Lord more.

So, what is humility?  May I be wrong in my examples?  I don’t know.


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