Why PART 4?  Simply because it came after PART 3.

There is no confusion like here on earth (disordered affection).  One woman can love another.  One man can love another.  One child can, of course, love another.  A cat can love a dog.  A dog love a duck.  A cat, the very same, love chicks.  And, one man love one woman.  FOREMOST, one loves God.

~  This is heaven.

Ponder on this.  What is it that you love about God?

~  The humor He places in your head to see the things through the lens of God and the Holy Spirit and Jesus?

In all that is seen, pick up the courage to see the beauty of this world – why Jesus loved us and died for us, so that we may see Him again with all the splendor of Heaven;  how Mother saw her only Son, conceived through the Holy Spirit, to the end of life on earth, to the resurrection, to transfiguration, all from Baptism;  where, God said, “This is my Son, whom I am well pleased!  🤱”

When these thoughts and words are put together, everything makes sense.  🙂


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