There are 3 types of speakers I will encounter in this blog.

  1. The speaker in the robotics competition
  2. The speaker who is the conscience
  3. The speaker who is God

Let us begin.  I found in my daughter’s high school competition, at the LA Regional conference, there are shutes called speakers.  Speaker points amplify the team’s score as nodes are shot into them.  During the day fewer nodes were shot into the shutes, so the more the students and their parents grew unhappy and discouraged.  They begin to plan and plot next year’s game.  ‘Plan and plot’. . . it seems bad and it is but the speaker who is the conscience in me sees the parents who are struggling fall in line for the kids.  The parents share ideas on fundraisers and workshops that the students can participate in before the next season of competition.  In this way, the students will be more prepared and can afford better equipment.

Then, the speaker, who is God. . .  Resoundingly puts in my head, why are we going through hardship?  Low scores, flustered, struggling, and worried parents.  It teaches all of us what happens in a competition.  The students scoring low gives them the perseverance to do better.  The parents, who are strangers to one another, begin to build a cohesive group.  And, the Lord, the speaker of my inner world soothes a really trying week.  That is another story.


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