I met neighbor (1)

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Healing Ministry, Strength | 0 comments

It is 12:00 AM.

I met a neighbor.

I stood as the man swept the green flower petals on the side of the road.  I greeted him, “good morning.”  He greeted me, “Good morning!”  He smiled.

I thanked him for sweeping the leaves from the road.

He said, “My country is bad.” “I want to return home. . .but it is [bad there].  The people . . . middle class . . . do well.  But, all they want is more money.  They have become corrupt.”

~ the land is rich, but the people began to plunder.

~ The government became corrupt.

He continued, “I got in trouble and had to leave [home] . . .”

~ his mind is clear and constance is clearer

~ he sweeps

I said, “I must go now. . . I have work.”

God blesses him.


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