I wedded yesterday.  My 18th anniversary.

On this day, I thought of some things that were not about this glorious day.

During the re-wed ceremony.  I thought of a gentleman uninvited that entered the Church.  He went to the pew far on the right hand side.  Then I came back in my thoughts to my wedding to my man of my dreams.

During the re-wed ceremony.  The rest, I rested in the peace of the Lord.

At night it was bad in a sort of a way.  The plan was to have my daughter stay at my mom’s home.  I wanted so much to consummate my marriage.  Then I thought and thought and thought for a whole 22 minutes (maybe longer).  My husband instructed affirmatively that my daughter was to be picked up and to sleep at home.

By night, I was happy (not part of the things that were not about this glorious day).  Anyway, I was in deep sleep and had an erotic dream.  I thrusted in bed.  Then, it ended.

The morning came and I realized that I did not want to consummate my marriage, I wanted to consummate OUR marriage.  The one that God blessed US with.


Readers, there may be a second part to the Glorious wedding day moving forward.  Today, I write.
Photo by Asad Photo Maldives: https://www.pexels.com/photo/silhouette-of-man-and-woman-kissing-1024975/


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