We all want to be happy but for a mentally disabled person, he or she can often have misguided and unpleasant perceptions about many parts in life.  These perceptions can have a profound effect of depression every day.  Medication offers some relief, but (my) mental illness is not curable.

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“I suffer from schizoaffective disorder and have had this disorder since 1992. I have seen multiple psychiatrists and have found my treatment can be supplemented with happy thoughts, to gain as much as possible a normal happy life. In writing this first book, I have found God’s listening ear is the best medicine.”


Limited knowledge

I have prayed the St Augustine’s prayer. Afoot lies nothing as I or we want to know more about this world and those around us. ~ Sometimes I want to study theology or philosophy at a doctorate level.  But I am always restricted by myself not having the monetary...

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7 desires of your heart (from a priest)

To be heard and understood To be affirmed To be included To be touched To be safe To be chosen To be blessed I picked up this list from a YouTube short and pondered on them.  In a way, everyone wants: To be heard and understood ~ often when I do not get this without...

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How much do you trust in God?

Saint Faustina, “Jesus, I trust in You!” ~  Do you find everyone against you? ~  Do you find that you are constantly said to be crazy and making all the wrong decisions? ~  Do you find your parents telling you how they want you to be like before?...

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