We all want to be happy but for a mentally disabled person, he or she can often have misguided and unpleasant perceptions about many parts in life.  These perceptions can have a profound effect of depression every day.  Medication offers some relief, but (my) mental illness is not curable.

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“I suffer from schizoaffective disorder and have had this disorder since 1992. I have seen multiple psychiatrists and have found my treatment can be supplemented with happy thoughts, to gain as much as possible a normal happy life. In writing this first book, I have found God’s listening ear is the best medicine.”


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No vapes but we have alpaca yarn! I have contact with the supplier (my sister). Let me know your order at [email protected] bcuz links on the website are still pending. Thanks! https://mkung37.wixsite.com/website-3/about-us Message to me: I have not launched the...

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Pain from Loss

Pain from Loss

My stepson passed away yesterday. His brothers gathered with his father at my home.  They shared the memories of their brother in his life of experiences.  They shared the memories of his happiness.  They shared the memories of theirs.  And, they shared more hurt in...

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