Being accused is no fun! But we are all called to see the bigger picture!

It all started when my friend (now) was receiving multiple complaints about me. My friend listened to them and misguided her worries onto me with anger and stern repercussions.

Anyway, I recommend when someone complains about another person, always stop to think why that person is complaining. Seek out the meaning behind the words. Ask in your mind what is the motive, before you hurt another person.

Based on complaints, you will find that the person complaining is wrong to complain. Try this (in my case):

  1. The complainer considers her motive valid because she is only thinking of what the normalcy is – to pay reverence to the sanctuary at the expense of another person.

2. The complainer considers her unhappiness because she is unhappy and compensates with control over another person.

3. The complainer is unhappy and rigid in her ways and cannot grow with the changing times, to worship differently yet reverently.

4. To sum up, and in conclusion of this wrongdoing, pull down your pride as a victim. Go to confession of your pride. Then, conform with flexibility and hope and move forward!

The end.


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