The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor in Christmas

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The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor | Psalm 34 (Hymn by John B Foley)

Anyone up at 11:39 p.m. thinking and ruminating over something that happened today?  I will share, and it is up to you to share if you want.

Today, I had the Mass taken away from me – the 6th day from my re-wedding.  I ruminated and ruminated and ruminated tonight until this time when I decided to write.

For the readers of this website, you have probably come to realize that my faith is really important to me.  The Mass.  It is like my child taken away from me through all the fault of my own.

After my child was taken, I could not forgive.  I ruminated that I was in the right and I circled in my thoughts so much that I just couldn’t get out.  My positive and encouraging spirit dropped into dead silence, and yet it was calm.

Why was it calm?  It is because, once upon a time, He taught me patience in my more than 10 hours for anxiety attack, loneliness, and hyperventilation (not sure about the figure but it’s okay).  The point is I wanted the Lord to fix things for me right now!  

I realize now that it was dead silence, and yet was calm because He knew me before I got sick: – a long time before I got sick. . .a long time before I met my husband. . .a long time ago.

As I write, I am getting more confused and am changing my story.

My mind is still trying to find a way out of ruminating.  Then miraculously, I found several cures.

  • Think of the happy image thoughts of the person
    • He sat with me, with many images, for an hour at a time for 3 images listening to me
    • He sat with me, with many images of confession, at Church
    • He talked to me, with many images, over the phone
    • He loves me as his order
  • I found this video St. Augustine’s prayer by Catholic Online channel
  • I found laughter
  • And, I went back to the basics

So, dear reader tonight, in our small community, choose to take these steps applicable to your life and He, the Almighty Father, will listen.  I will pray for you now.  Choose to Pray with me daily.

  • The Mass will return to me and you
  • The Cry of the Poor, in mental illness, depression, anxiety, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, loneliness will be heard.


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