This is the title of my life a moment ago before my husband kissed me on my forehead.

From the blog Hell in my life, I became very angry.  Why do people choose death in their lives?  Death can be not taking care of your body, your mind, your soul.

I suppose it is more attractive and challenging.  People liked to be perked and be challenged before finding themselves in a lot of trouble.

What to do?

When I was perked to show my anger, I paused for a moment allowing myself to re-examine my thought process.

  • Thoughts of vengeance to return the favor first came to mind
  • Thoughts of the situation ruminated in my mind
  • Thoughts of similar situations in the past built up and occupied my mind

As my head grew heavy, I walked away wanting to be alone and away from the trouble.  I found myself alone and more at peace to further think of the situation more clearly.

Then I journaled.  Reader, do you find yourself in a situation like this?

Journaling is one of the coping techniques for those suffering from mental illness, anxiety, and depression.  I found that in moments needing journaling, I begin writing down anything in my mind, even if it doesn’t make sense until it is logical.  Many readers following my page are aspiring bloggers.  I journal.  What do you do?


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