Write a prayer for bad news

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Do you, the reader, remember a time when students were taught with the same books in school? (Have I remembered it wrongly?)  Out of school, we have different selections of books to learn from (including my book).  Each readers’ experiences are different.  These books form our opinions and thoughts.

Perhaps this is where some of us develop and write our opinions in social media.  One comment on Facebook can stir up people with their own opinions. There are some not so good and argumentative opinions.  They are the bringer of bad news.  The youtube channel Real Life Catholic has a 3:53-minute video called Beware of Bad News.  Here is the link https://youtu.be/Fq4ngLw_Tvw (Maybe you should watch this before continuing.)

What do you think?

The video asked to have a balance and focus on some good.  May I share, in addition to the recommendation on the video?  When you are locked up in CLICK BATE, your joy is robbed from you. For a few weeks now, I had this experience and every day was a sad day for me (moreover, with my mental illness). I contemplated this bad mood and talked to God in silence.

Then, I remembered that I had blogged about WHAT IS PRAYER? in December 2020.  I came up with a prayer with three keywords.  This is my prayer tonight and here are my keywords from the video – 




Dear Guardian Angel,

Please fill my reading with the SPIRIT OF THE LORD.  Grant me the STRENGTH to draw myself away from bad news.  Let me seek JOY in my life.


This simple prayer helps me to focus on the Lord and to have joy.  Please feel encouraged to start simple prayers every time you need to get away from so much bad news on social media.  Also, if you have comments on other ways you use and wish to share with others, please comment below.


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