I met neighbor (2)

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I met a neighbor.

I was walking under the sun and a man almost walked by me.  I said, “Good morning.”  He smiled, and greeted me, “good morning.”

The sun shone in my eyes.  I had forgotten my sunglasses.  So I turned back and walked in the direction of my neighbor.

I got home. . .got my sunglasses. . .came back down. . .only to find that my neighbor was sitting on the ledge at the end of the sidewalk.

I went to him and greeted him, “Good morning!”, again.  We walked together down the road.

As we walked, I asked him questions about his health.

He said, “I walk because I am [a] diabetic.  I know a friend who was a diabetic.  That person did not care for his body and loss his leg and [some other limb] . . .was amputated.  I did not want to be like that.  So I walk.”

He told me, “I try to watch my diet.” “My belly is big.” “I need to eat small portions.”

I introduced him to the healing ministry, I know, saying, “If you want, there is a healing ministry, that you can receive healing for.  If you want?, I will meet you again on our walk and I will show you where it is.”

I bid my neighbor, “Goodbye!”  

God blesses him.


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