In God’s time

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Beginning with a prayer from St Augustine

(If you skipped the prayer, that is okay.) I start with this prayer most every time I write because it puts me in a frame of mind which helps me to understand that everything is done In God’s time – with a small capital ‘t’ because He lets us choose between our conscience and His divine will.

How is it In God’s Time or is it In God’s time, you may ask?  I am a new donor of an orphanage in Jinja, Uganda.  They were starving a few days ago.  There was no food for the children.  I prayed the novena Then I sent US$280. It would buy 200kg of rice and beans 70kg.

Then, I encountered technical troubles throughout the day trying to send the money – it was not In God’s Time. In my conscience, I needed to get this done. My bank was not operating properly online. I kept getting an error message. Obstacle after obstacle arose throughout the day.  Sixty plus children were starving. Okay, I said. Perhaps I will try again at 3 p.m. when Jesus, to me, died every day.

It was 1:28 p.m.  I asked God, “In God’s Time, will it to be 3 p.m.”. In my impatience, I tried to send the money again. This time the money went through. I believe truly that it was in God’s time.

Then the money did not arrive in Uganda. The orphanage director became anxious because in three days the children were completely out of reserves. I learnt and said to him, “Don’t fret. . .In God’s time.”

We trusted in the Lord, and the money arrived that very evening, in the bank.

How many times, as a person with mental illness, anxiety and depression, you have asked for relief from God? Has He delivered In God’s Time or In God’s time? Please share your story.


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