Why do you need to read?

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There was a time when I could not finish reading a book from beginning to end.  I just could not concentrate on the subject.  Throughout college, I never finished reading any books.  Then one day, while making another attempt to finish a book, I found myself captured in concentration over the subject.  The Lord blessed me with reading and finishing my first book.  Then, I read another and another and another – finishing from the beginning to the end.

I felt exhilarated with the confidence He had in me.  And, I have confidence in my readers, who have a similar trouble, to finish a book in its entirety.  As a child, most of us have been taught to read children’s books.  Now, these books are short, and almost always the child is captivated by the pictures and words that are uttered by their teachers or parents.  I grew up to love children’s books because they were short.  In high school, the reading syllabus required students to read books that were more than 50 pages, and I was already having problems.  Often I could not remember what I had just read and would be mind boggled about the subject of the book in its entirety.  I did everything I could to improve my reading abilities – speed reading classes, tutoring classes and I even went to the library often, leaving with a stack of books that I had hoped to finish in two weeks.  This struggle carried on through more than 10 years of college.  In college, I was not only reading textbooks but newspapers, magazines, microfiches and encyclopedias.  I did not finish anything that was put in front of me.  But He had confidence in me and gave me the grace.  Do you have the same struggle?  If so, I encourage you to persevere and start off with my first book Random Thoughts.

I am not sure what my problem was but if you are like me and believe if I suffer from this problem, others may have the same problem too.  May I offer a possible solution?  My book is designed to be a short read.  I tried to infuse a new style of writing to keep my interests in reading.  Here is a tip.  I am just passing on the message on how books can be read.  Like a couple of books I have read, you may choose to read the whole book (since it is short) in chronological order, the way I wrote it.  Or, you may choose to open the book to a day’s thought and read it that way.  Or, you may choose to read a day at a time like a devotional.  When you read, you can choose to stop at any time and continue another day.  You may find some thoughts useful and other thoughts not so useful.  After reading the entire book, you may choose to re-read it to remind yourself that a day can always get better.  There is no definite way on how to read this book.  It is up to your choice.  I like the way Holly Worton, puts it, you do you.

Hopefully, my readers will continue their quest to read many books.


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