Why be in the present?

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Good morning!  I am trying to multi-task. . .listening to Father Robert and typing at the same time.  I found that this is not possible because by typing while listening, this interrupts the audio in its entirety.  Even if I am were able to switch topics very easily and quickly, some information is bound to be missed.  So, why be in the present?  Why not just write, and listen later, so I can give my undivided attention?

To be in the present.  Why?  Let me answer first the question, how?  Yesterday, I was walking with my husband.  I was in the present by noticing that the road was inclined under my feet, otherwise I would not have noticed.  Also, I could hear the brush of my soles on the ground; I could hear the birds chirping; and, I could really smell the mixture of flowers in the air.  Yesterday, while I was eating lunch, I left the present and thought about what I had to do next at my work.  My husband said, “You are relaxing now.  Be in the present and eat and nourish your body.  Your work is for later.”  Yesterday, I continued to be in the present while I was having dinner, I could taste the degree of garlic in the chicken dish; I could feel my intention of swaying my legs under the table.  These are ways of how I come to the present.

Now, I answer the question, why?  In my mental illness, I tend to get ill when I worry.  I worry about the past and the future.  In the past are worries about how I had been comfortable about my weight, and then the enemy turns it around and says in my head that I am fat and unworthy.  In the past are worries about how I had heard my priest explain my suffering to me, and then the enemy turns it around that he lies and in my head confuses me.  In the future are worries about my unfinished work, and the enemy creates my panic/anxiety attacks.  In the future are worries about my schedule, and the enemy brings disorder in my mind that I cannot handle the hectic schedule.

In the present, however, I am happy with my slight overweightedness and am happy with my healthy and prosperous size without concern.  In the present, my priest’s explanation of my suffering is relieving and accepting.  My mind is at ease.  In the present, my work is manageable and the tasks are done one at a time comfortably and completely.  In the present, again my schedule is ordered and the work is accomplished one by one.

Now is a good time to be present, as I go through the Lent season and the rest of my life.  Now is the time to pray, fast and alms give.  These three focuses help me to work with God in my life.  In the present, I can pray, hope, and don’t worry.

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