LOVE. . .what can I write about LOVE?

My love for my daughter’s father

He raises his voice angrily at me.  My random thought responses:  Did he have a long day?  Did he have a difficult customer today?  Does he have a headache?  Is he busy?

He does not like my cooking.  My random thought responses:  He is a better cook than I am.  He likes that I tried a new recipe.  What other recipe can I try?  He is not indifferent to my cooking attempts.  Therefore, he likes me to try and cook for the family.

He does not like it when I go to bed and do not wash my feet beforehand.  My random thought response:  Cleanliness is next to godliness. 

My love for my daughter

I am not feeling a hundred percent.  She attends to me.  My random thought responses:  She will ask, how was my day?  She will ask, what I did all day?  She will calm my worries.  She will actively listen to me.  Then, she will tell me how her day went and tell jokes to make me smile.

The full moon tonight is bright.  My random thought responses:  Under the moonlight, she says her prayers.  Under the moonlight, she bids me, “Good night.”  Under the moonlight, she sleeps silently and peacefully.

My love for God

As I suffer from mental illness, my random thought responses:  He died for me.  He conquered death.  He resurrected.  Alleluia!  By His death, my sins are forgiven.  

Our Father gave His only begotten Son.  

Hail Mary, full of grace!

There!  That is what I can write about LOVE.  What can you write about LOVE, reader?


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