What does depression bring to me?

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On a trail that winds its way through the red cliffs of the Grand Canyon, a geologist discovers an object that’s fallen from a nearby cliff. Torn from an ancient rock formation, the huge shape contains an astonishing secret dating back millions of years. The geologist then snaps a photograph, intrigued by what he has spotted. And as he does so, he kickstarts a chain of events that will arguably change what we know about Arizona in prehistoric times. (After A Cliff Collapsed In The Grand Canyon, Experts Made A Startling Discovery In The Rock, staff writer of Pawszilla.com)

It’s 12:54 p.m.

I came across this article after having pondered for three days over a text that threw me years back, into depression again.  What happens if that object that fell is like a facade (like a wall) of my depressed emotions?  A simile.   What if the object that fell and kickstarted a chain of events that will arguably change what we know about a state in past times, is the facade that fell that will kickstart a chain of thoughts that will change what I know about myself and my life in the future?  That is an opportunity that I would like to encounter.

These past three days were depressing because I received multiple texts from people that discouraged my passion for writing.  After the facade of emotions or object fell, with the help of prayers, I came to several realizations.  These people have been hardened by the realities of life and did not concern themselves with what they have done to me emotionally.  One person called me untrained and unlicensed to help others.  The other person provoked me to brash humor.  A group of people in the chat sided against me.  Now, I came to the conclusion that they are people that are not aware of what they have done and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have to realign my thoughts to feel blessed every day (experiences shared in my first book, Random Thoughts).

Side note to myself:  I am looking for a community that benefits from wordy, emotionally infused sentences.


  1. irene

    Sounds like a great life motto: realign my thoughts to feel blessed every day! Thank you for sharing that!

    • Veronica Kung

      Realigning thoughts helps me 🙂


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