Today, I am happy

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Today, I am happy.  Why was I happy?  I started my day off by helping live stream the morning Mass.  I listened to Father David.  Although I did not understand much, I knew the Lord was listening to the noisiness in my head.  The fact that I was in the presence of the Eucharist, I was happy.

Why was I happy?  The Mass was close to an hour long and I made the choice of live streaming Brother John’s talk on Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  Although I did not understand much, I tried to listen attentively.

Why was I happy?  My daughter and I went out to eat at Dumpling House.  We ordered too much food.  I was grateful that my tummy was full.

Why was I happy?  After the hefty lunch, my daughter and I visited my parents and older brothers in the park.  We chatted while they ate lunch and talked about the scorpion one of my brothers found in his workplace.

Why was I happy?  I made it to the start of my bible study group on time.

All these things happened around me AND I was where I was supposed to be.  Where is that?  In the present I was.

I could have started off my day with this. . .

I was late getting up and rushed to set up the live streaming of Mass.  I was not that willing to live stream the talk after Mass.  My daughter and I ordered too much food and wasted what we did not eat.  It was hot and uncomfortable spending time in the park with my family.  And for the bible study, only two people attended.

Why was I happy? . . .I was in the present, the one God gifted me to share with you.


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