To be successful in being you – New Year’s Resolution

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It’s raining outside.  The December storm season came a little late this year.  The rush of cars splattering rainwater as they go by outside my residence.  The sky threatens with a rolling thunder.  There is an endless list of things to notice as it draws close to 1:48 in the afternoon.

. . .

Now it is 2:03 in the afternoon.  Fifteen minutes have gone by.  My mind was filled with lots of Random Thoughts of the past and the present and the future of certain family members and friends.  There are endless numbers of people to think about.

The other time slots in the day are spent having breakfast, lunch and dinner; cleaning my residence; washing the dishes; reading a book; taking a stroll; practicing yoga; checking email; checking Messenger; going on Facebook and liking and commenting on posts; going on zoom meetings; writing letters – the list is endless.

What have you done since you got up today?  There are an infinite number of things to do.  It does not have to be the things I do, no means by far.  Many things can affect your senses positively.  If you have been depressed and anxious again, don’t give up on trying to change your day.  God encourages us by giving us free will – to make decisions in our lives.  I have done the things I want to do.  In 2021, my new year’s resolution is to be successful in being me.  For those depressed and anxious:  think about it – successful in being you.

Note: What does successful mean to you?


  1. Irene

    Veronica, thanks as always for baring your heart so that readers can help bear one another’s burdens. Sharing and caring together in a safe community! So true how each day, each moment, we have a choice to make changes, to make different decisions for ourselves. I like how you insinuate that success is how we grow and become more of who we are, how God created us and purposed us to be, as unique individuals with our respective passions and gifts to serve others in this world. But it all starts with loving and accepting ourselves! Wishing you a successful 2021, enjoying and becoming all that you are meant to be!

    • Veronica Kung

      Your words mean a lot to me. Thank you and cheers to a successful 2021 in being you!

    • Veronica Kung

      thank you, Irene! This is a glorious day!


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