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Today, the Lord became my life coach.

I have just listened to a webinar by Peter Sage.  [Please look him up for the free webinar]  My husband thinks such webinars are only in for the profit.  I am somewhat naive, so I believe he is trying to help people who go from one self-help program to another, and not finish the course.  I was taken by Peter and made some changes in my thinking.  

Rather than detailing his method [which he introduces in his webinar], I would like to explain why I chose the Lord’s way to coach me along with Peter’s suggestions.

I choose the Lord to be my life coach because:

  1. It is relatively like watching many free self-help webinars (of course, at a reasonable pace).
  2. I have accepted that to reach becoming relatively happy in my life of mental illness takes a lifetime.  It is not a quick fix.  Anyway, my life is a lifetime of growth.  (Peter Sage explains this as comparing a person running the marathon versus a person sprinting.  The marathoner perseveres.  The sprinter runs out of energy.  Long-lasting change does not happen in a few months but probably a decade or more.)
  3. Peter Sage explained that my mental illness has conditioned my mind to regress to my mental illness when life triggers it with stress.  Choosing the Lord’s way, therefore, makes me choose to listen to my little voice who I believe is the way God communicates with people (the voice is the Holy Spirit).  Often, out of grace and love and always with prayer, the little voice coaches me on solutions to a problem that I may be having at work or in life.

I choose the Lord to be my life coach and my teacher!

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  1. nimabi

    Thank you very much for sharing, I learned a lot from your article. Very cool. Thanks. nimabi


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