Struggle to find joy?

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I am so excited!  After a whole month of being bombarded with sad events, I decided today that I am going to find ‘the’ joy in my life.  I sincerely believe, God made us to be happy beings.

On the way to the store, getting into the car, I said, “I am trying to find ‘the’ joy in my life!”  Response from the passenger, “That’s why you have got me!”  Hahaha  What a delight to have good company.

The heatwave has caused misery and people to be ill-tempered.  So, to correct that, I treated my family to cool refreshers – a double portion.  And, I tipped the waiter a small amount to make him smile.  I figure, why can I not bring some happiness to others suffering the heatwave.  The waiter returned the gesture with some amenities and premium service.  Notwithstanding, tonight my family has cool refreshers to go with dinner.

Everyone was bombarding me with how there are so many scammers out there trying to jip me from my hard-earned money.  So, I listened and stopped.  But, I committed my time to build the credibility of one orphanage.  I believe that sometimes God puts me in touch with the right people.  I am sorry that other donors get swindled but, there are other ways of helping, and I kept my focus on making my compassion my strength and posted this from Pope Francis, “We try to accumulate and increase what we have, but Jesus asks us to give, to diminish. We like to add, we like addition; Jesus likes subtraction, taking something away to give it to others. We want to multiply for ourselves; Jesus appreciates it when we share with others, when we share… The true miracle, says Jesus, is not the multiplication that produces vanity and power, but the sharing that increases love and allows God to perform wonders. Let us try to share more: let us try the way Jesus teaches us.”  Changing one’s thoughts can make a difference.

More happy activities that occupy my thoughts . . . if I am to follow somebody on instagram . . . I followed a photographer that creates joy in his posts.  One such post is of children refugees playing games around camp.

The list could go on, but I have reached the end of my day.  I had filled my day with good company, good thoughts, and good activities. I am a person with mental illness and I do not want to be sad.  Joy is a struggle to find but it begins with conviction and simple things.


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