I have mental illness, so I started in prayer.  The St. Augustine Prayer helps.  I will try to make this Sorrow in 2023, simple.

I took a cup of warm water and added some lemony fruit, with a touch of honey.  Sat down in front of the computer, legs crossed.  Then, I wrote:

I thought:

~ he was really mad at me.

~ he texted harsh words attacking me.

~ he keeps going on and on about how wrong I am.

I kept thinking and that was the problem.  I looked for ways to stop the anger from passing into me.

~ What did I do wrong?

~ He must be tired.

The more I thought, the problem became worse.

So, I thought (with a sip of my water).  

~ keep it simple.

~ i deleted the angry and attacking texts with indifference.


I was meaning to take a sip of my water.


Then, I thought:

~ I am not there yet!

I smiled.

And, I took my cup of water and sipped.🙂

The End


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