Most adults when they get older, realize the importance of their father or mother teaching them about life, as they grow up.  They would tell of their parent’s words of wisdom.  I can’t seem to remember much about my father’s pearls of wisdom.  That is because he often speaks it in a language that is not practiced in my family anymore.  Therefore, unlike other families, I am unable to bring the rules of living to light for my daughter except from what I learn from the bible.

Yes, there are the basic Ten Commandments and my daughter knows them.  They guide her basic rules of living.

In my smallness this is what I do:

  • I listen to and read other people’s salutes to the wisdom of the person’s parent and wonder if I could do the same for my daughter.

At lunch today, it was me and my daughter.  She seemed preoccupied and I accepted that my presence may not as good as being with her father or her friends.

  • Read Marc’s blogs.  Marc Casciani, founder of MindWolves, states in his tribute to his father, Pap C.  He did this:

Through example. Pap understood people don’t want to hear a lecture, but they will notice and follow the example you set. Therefore, teach the behavior you want by doing it. “Since I have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet. I have given you an example to follow. Do as I have done to you.” (John 13:14-15)

When my daughter began attending high school,  I was afraid that like many she would begin to fall away from the faith and praying.  She didn’t because I never stopped praying for her through the family trials that we faced in the last year and a half.

  • I learn along with life, for my daughter.  In my mental illness in life, the trials I see daily can be overpowering and yet I accept them because I come out stronger and love God more for His protection. 
  • I found this scripture Treasure in Clay Jars
    • Living by Faith 2 Cor 4:16-18 
    • So we do not lose heart.  Even though our outer nature is wasting away, our inner nature is being renewed day by day.  For this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure, because we look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen; for what can be seen is temporary, but what cannot be seen is eternal.
  • So, I will stop here since I am tired (but happy).


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