Reader, who requested this specific blog, sorry for the delay.  You seem to be ready and are choosing to make some plans for the future and have decided it is time to be happy.  

In the Catholic tradition, priests dress up in colored vestments when they celebrate Mass:

  • Green: The color of vestments used during ordinary time. (Ordinary time is the rest of the year that’s not the Christmas or Easter season β€” it’s still important, it just has an unexciting name.)
  • Purple or violet: Used during Advent and Lent, and along with white and black, these colors may also be used at Funeral Masses.
  • White and gold: Most appropriate for Christmas and Easter.
  • Red: For on feasts of the Passion of Jesus and for the Holy Spirit, representing red tongues of fire, in addition to being worn for the feasts of martyred saints, who shed their red blood for Christ.
  • Rose: On the Third Sunday of Advent and the Fourth Sunday of Lent, the color rose may be worn as a sign of anticipated joy.

Reader, do you feel indifferent to this information or the colors of the vestments?  Of course!  It is probably something you have never come across before.  I was indifferent to the colors a long time ago.  During that time one indifference piled onto another in my whole being.  To break the cycle of my past, I decided to ask someone who knew the meaning of these colors – a priest.

That is where, reader, you can begin.  To change the habit of indifference, begin somewhere simple and in a place of integrity and pray.

Reader, I will be praying for you.


There is a bad wolf and a good wolf in each of us, Marc Casciani explained to me.

One of you has asked for more on this blog.  That is the good wolf because it will bring you closer to returning to this website to read more about God in my life.  The bad wolf will bring you to indifference where you would forget most certainly that you wanted to know more.  This is often prevalent unless you choose to have the good wolf thrive.

On this website, you will find stories under different categories of life experiences.  I recommend starting off with reading stories in the category of β€œCHOICE”.  There you will find stories about making choices in life.  Then, consider buying my books on Random Thoughts, one by one, or as you see fit.  The journal drives a point across that, reader, you need to make a choice.  Today is the choice of listening to the bad wolf or the good wolf.

Happy 4th of July, 2024!!!!


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