Patience and Love come from God.  He allows his graces to pour upon you during the Christmas season and the epiphany.

How dare you take this for granted!  With patience and love, mercy falls upon you as you attend the sacrament of reconciliation this week

TONIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS, the day before Christmas Eve, my husband and I got into an argument.

He had texted me a video by Stoics.  He said to listen to it if I don’t want to listen to him.  I did.

At dinner, I asked, “Aren’t stoics those people that don’t believe in God?”  He said, “No!”  I looked it up on the Google search engine and showed him that he was wrong.

While Stoics do not believe in God, they do believe in the laws of nature. These laws follow an orderly logic. Stoics also say that following the laws of nature limits human choice because they follow a god’s plan. This means that God cannot exist before the universe was created.

Although I was right, I did not feel the sense of pride that I was correct.  Instead, I felt a grace of patience and love.

In response to being pointed out that he was wrong, he replied, “I don’t care what it says on the internet!!!!”  

I understood him. . . has this happened to you and your spouse?

Reader, you have asked for an extension on this blog for the novices.  Here it is.

At the attacking words of my husband especially when he knows where I stand in my faith, I chose to be patient and loving towards him.  In order to do so, I had to forgive him and as explained it was the time for confession that week.  I had lost my temper internally and that is considered a sin.  Confession with a priest gave me peace.  I dumbed down my pride in being right and was sorrowful for my sin.

After that, I felt a sense of patience and love towards my husband which were, for me, the graces from God.  My husband continued to accentuate his point of stoics over God, and all I could offer was patience and love.  For his repudiation, I offered understanding, instead of a buttress.  It is only through God’s grace that my husband be guided.

Proverbs 19:11

Those with good sense are slow to anger, and it is their glory to overlook an offence.


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