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Love or Merciful Love is probably something I did not write enough about.  While at 7:30 a.m. Mass this morning, a voice whispered to write more about LOVE.  I hesitated to agree but that voice led me to write now. (9:08 a.m.)

I wrote about Merciful Love and I was not satisfied that I gave a descriptive enough account.

The story of human trafficking comes most to mind.  I once saw an ad of an organization asking for donations to help and heal a very young girl from being a victim of human trafficking.  (This is very disturbing for me and hard to write about.)

God’s love.  Where is it?


(4:28 p.m. the same day)

My experiences today

  • “Do not accept anything as the truth if it lacks love.  And do not accept anything as love which lacks the truth!  One without the other becomes a destructive lie.”  (Pope John Paul II urges us with Edith Stein) 

My sister belongs to the LGBTQ community.  This breaks my heart to write that I love her and am willing to avoid the topic, willing to avoid the Truth, willing to make excuses, willing to increase my sins, just to keep my relationship with my sister.

  1. I would not rock the boat and bring up the fact that she is committing a sin.
  2. I would ask God if He had room for the LGBTQ fellow beings.
  3. I would never address this to my mom in order to keep the family together.
  4. I would try to forsake God in order to love my sister.

Prayer for intercession through St John Paul II “I am confused and angry.  Will you not ask God our Father to enlighten me?  Perhaps the Truth is that my sister sins BUT I do love her!  Perhaps I love and that is the Truth.  Ask God our Father, ‘Then do I accept her?’  Have mercy on me, Lord, I am a sinner.  St. John Paul II.”  Pray for us.

A voice whispers. . .’Accept her as I have accepted you in all your sins.’

This is the LOVE from God and this is only the beginning. . .


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