Mark of Money republished July 3, 2024

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Mark of money – it can change my opinion about a certain person whom I trust.

This is my story.  Right now, I am watching a video of the 50 Most Evil Christians.  It is a real downer. . .

I recently got into a transaction to book travel arrangements for a priest, through his travel agent.  Truthfully, I knew I couldn’t afford and still paid out $600 . . .then $800. . .then $670. . .and more.  Some of these funds were promised to be refunded.  In the end, the total refund expected was $7600.

These funds were from my savings, every last penny.  Many occasions came up when I wanted to stop sending bitcoin but I just kept getting persuaded because the person whom I trusted assured me that I was doing the right thing.

For weeks, I woke up daily and followed up daily with the travel agent and that person.  I began to believe that I had been conned.  I believed the promises they gave me became empty!  I believed they were not worried at all about me or my family.  

I began to be preoccupied daily with money or the lack of it, THEN today, my thoughts became clearer.  The person whom I trusted promises me, but my husband whom I am married to is the one who protects me, in the end.  My husband, in every explanation of people like these, tries to warn me that there are men who always have a selfish agenda.  

The mark of money has caused my peace and changed my opinions of those two persons I trusted.  Fortunately, I realized that constant money worries are not right and worth it.  I should not be troubled or be caught up in money matters that are not manageable.   Now that the refund is almost certain to be lost, rather I should believe I am grateful and blessed to have my husband to protect me and my family.


What is the upside of money?  I am sure you know, reader.  Just make sure it doesn’t overtake your life.  Still doing your exercise; eating healthy; have lively conversations with your good friends; pray, always pray; work hard and smart; play down your ego; be kind; and, be a blessing to your neighbor and your family.

Money will always be needed but don’t let it overtake your life.


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