God loves us – you, me and everyone

His love falls on us like droplets of rain, in a park.

Unless someone has an umbrella or is under a tree, there is no escaping the shower.  

There is no escaping God’s love.

Is it not funny, how some people wish for the shower to go away so that they can continue with their game of football or family picnic gathering?

Is it not peculiar how others walk through the shower without an umbrella or any other covering?

That’s how God’s love is received, covered by the shower.

The only way someone can escape God’s love is to not receive it by being covered with an umbrella or today’s newspaper.

But why would a person want to not be covered in God’s love?  Perhaps because I have a mental disorder which results me in making some wrong sinful choices in life?  But with this disorder, I will still not be able to escape the shower outside under no umbrella or under today’s newspaper. 

The shower goes from drizzling not to hailing but to larger and more frequent droplets.  I guess you call it rain.  From my window, I see a couple relaxed at the park benches.  I do not know them.  Perhaps they have read this prose and they are happily receiving God’s love, as a couple.  No umbrella.  No today’s newspaper. From my window, I also see a 40ish year-old lady with an umbrella and she was covered all over except for her hands and face.  I do not know her either.  Perhaps she does not know of God’s love like the other couple.  She has an umbrella at hand and a rain jacket and long pants.

So, I ask the reader.  Are you the one wishing the shower to go away so your football game or family gathering picnic in the park can continue or are you the one with an umbrella in the shower and rain or the one relaxed in the shower and rain?


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