I have prayed the St Augustine’s prayer.

Afoot lies nothing as I or we want to know more about this world and those around us.

~ Sometimes I want to study theology or philosophy at a doctorate level.  But I am always restricted by myself not having the monetary means and the courage.  So, it remains but a dream.

But there is more because I also have heard about the BOOK I CHAPTER 2 of the Imitation of Christ – humbled self-opinion.  This is where I seem to agree or understand that one does not have to have a doctorate.  With humility, to have knowledge on how to help a person that has mental illness, anxiety and depression, through sharing, is possible.

Going through many years of therapy, and in the last 2 weeks, I was able to share with others in a group.  The licensed leader of the group only had to start off the subject and the group became functional.  What I mean by functional is that the members were engaging in therapy through sharing.

Where one shared, the other identified, and sometimes shared their own coping skill.

So, although I do not have a doctorate, I continue to share my experience, and now coping skills to others who will listen.  – I hope eventually to form a small group who meet at least twice a week to share.


  1. Chad Grant

    Keep writing

    • Veronica Kung

      I felt the universe around me. . .
      the children’s thoughts. . .
      the old people’s fears. . .
      my fear breaking through

      then I said. . .
      let it go. . .
      this will not happen. . .
      on my guardian angel’s watch

      The cross my children drew . . .
      in purple and white. . .
      came to life!


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