Reader, you have asked for more blogs similar to Share your bad stories privately.  I will try.

So, I ended that blog with starting a conversation with my daughter with the words, “Let’s talk about it . . .”  This open-ended beginning is meant to bring her worries to me.  

In high school, she is used to going about the day with strife and anxiety from others, whether it be interpersonal relationships or social justice having to do with school.  [She quietly talks in private to her friend behind me].  I could tell that by asking her with the open-ended fragmented sentence above has fostered a good relationship of openness over time.  It has not always been so.  But my priest begged me to remember that she is my daughter.  Despite my feelings, I have to put her first, with love and care for her mental health.

My role as a parent reminds me of the words encouragement; support; love; compassion; kindness; forgiveness and more.  The most virtuous of all elements of the bible.


Sneak peek:  I often refer to the bible because I believe the bible has all the answers to the questions asked by me.


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