I can’t sleep

by | Jan 4, 2023 | Stories and Poems | 0 comments

I had a festive day.

I talked to all my friends, one by one.

I did my classes, class after class.

I was busy listening to the teenagers on their cellphone.

I worked with my teacher on my assignment.

I was busy all day.

BUT by night, tucked into bed, I was still thinking of the day.

My friends. . .busy, busy, busy.

My classes. . .busy, busy, busy.

Teenagers talking about their problems.

My teacher just was a teacher.

I layed down thinking for hours.

Then, my body was so tired, it started aching.

I figure, my body said, “Sleep! Sleep, Sleep!  Or, I will shut down and make you feel pain.”

So, I drank a glass of warm, and wrote.


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