I sit at night upright in my bed.  I look down at my cell phone and my neck begins to hurt.  Then, I said in my head and to the Holy Spirit, “I must rest.”

I slide down into my bed, my new husband beside me.  Then, I begin to think.

~ rest indeed, but how?

~ He asks for medicine here and there.  He asks and asks.  My mom has to work full-time and care for my aging dad.  My mom hates my dad because he is so demanding?  

~ sometimes, he is blunt?  sometimes, he is so demanding, oh so demanding?  I see my dad.

~ I see my dad (as in the movie Avatar – I see you.)

Then, that ended.  Then, I begin to think, again!

~ this world needs to be better?  How, am I?. . .

~ the boy downstairs is cured?  He is running around at 10:07 p.m.. i am happy for him.  but, is he?

~ my daughter had a nice, beautiful day.  But her macarons, are getting burnt?  I say to her,  “They smell so gooooood!”  She says, “Mommy! If you keep calling me, I will burn the second batch!”

My husband smiles from a tired day; I laugh like HA HA HA (or something of the sort).


Then, I said in my head and to the Holy Spirit, “I must rest.”


Reader, you must rest at night?  Do you choose to rest?

~ the baby downstairs begins to cry. . .

~ I say to you(superscript 1), you must rest.

(superscript 1)  Various parts of the Bible.  Try the New Testament, The Gospel of Luke.


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