God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel, ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

Exodus 3:14

Who is I AM?  How is I AM?  Where is I AM?  Why is I AM?  What is I AM?

The name, I AM, answers all the questions asked by a layperson like me.  I AM is who I will find in the Word of the Lord.  I AM is how the Word of the Lord comes to me.   I AM is where I will find the virtues of life.  I AM is why I study the Word of the Lord.  I AM is what I will find in the Word of the Lord.  (My priest taught me this.  Try reread the paragraph and replace wherever I AM is with the word, God.)

The Word of the Lord is who I will find when I study the Bible.  It gives stories in parables to read from, listen to and learn from – always being directed to God.  As I find Him in stories and parables, I learn how the Word of the Lord guides me on how to live in this life.  I learn that where I am, I am is supposed to be, with God.  In original sin, there is death, there is pain, there is suffering, and more.  Why?  Because God our Father wanted better for us in the Garden of Eden – to be with Him.  But Adam and Eve sinned.  Then I learned I AM is what I will find in the Word of the Lord.  That I am sinful and sorrowful for the sins I have committed and continue to commit.  That is what I will find.  The bible tells us of the ten commandments to abide by like the Rich Young Man did (Mathew 19:16-26/Mark 10:17-31) to ask to enter into the Kingdom of God.  Also, see Luke 9:57-62.

Not only Jesus is the answer to every question (Why do I talk to God? blog), He goes by the name, I AM!  Contemplating on this name, I draw closer to God as we all should because He is the answer to everything in life in heaven and on earth.  Eventually, I hope to see you all with eternal lives and the ultimate salvation of our souls.


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