Genesis 41:25-27

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I don’t know where to start tonight.  It is 10:52 p.m.

Have you ever been in this predicament?  So, I begin my story with waking up this morning. . .

. . . I woke up and felt the urge to pray . . . so I prayed and finished my prayer track of 54 days of the same prayer.

. . . after prayer, I texted a dear friend because I had been thinking of her for the past 3 days since she last texted me.  She had been tired from her busy week and she was just about to start a new job.

. . . after texting for a while, I prepared breakfast for my daughter – six bagel bites in the toaster oven.

. . . a little after 10:23 a.m., it was time to get dressed and meet the family for lunch, with my goddaughter visiting from Switzerland.

. . . the restaurant opened a little after eleven in perfect timing with the family arriving shortly after that.  We ate and we ate and we ate.

. . . then we had more to eat and chatted outside at a table for an hour and a half.

All was good, like a dream in Genesis 41:25-27 (where Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream),

25 Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “Pharaoh’s dreams are one and the same; God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. 26 The seven good cows are seven years, and the seven good ears are seven years; the dreams are one. 27 The seven lean and ugly cows that came up after them are seven years, as are the seven empty ears blighted by the east wind. They are seven years of famine. 

All was good.  What if my day continued for seven good years where everything was full of care for one another and full of delightful meetings with family?  Then, follows seven years of famine (metaphorically) – no family, no friends, and no food.

My lesson to myself, as a person suffering from mental illness, is to heed that every day, I should thank the Lord for a beautiful day and be mindful of the day, for the famine will come unexpectedly.  (For those who are interested in the continuation of the story of what happens after Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream, pick up a bible and read through Genesis 41.)

Tip from a friend:  Perhaps if you feel by the end of the day, you are asking yourself where do I begin in a journal I am writing, begin with an examination of your day.


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