Don’t collaborate with mental illness

by | Apr 3, 2021 | Advice | 0 comments

The day before Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday, I received two comments from a porn addicted adult.  He said vile things, sent more porn links and created bad images in my head through copying my writing style on random thoughts.  I had two choices:

  1. Let his writing collaborate with my mental illness.
  2. Trust in God.

Of course, the first option, written in eight words seems to be more interesting than the second option, written in three words (TRUST IN GOD).  Because of daily practice of my faith and because I want to continue to write to help people with mental illness, I chose the latter, to TRUST IN GOD.  In reparation for the attack from the lies, my little voice in my head had me email the man  an Ancient Homily on Holy Saturday.

The man’s email was a fake. So, if he should return, here is God’s love for Him.  This is the grace of God that I have mentioned in my writings.

If you are stricken with mental illness, depression and anxiety, and have searched for this website, it is through the grace of God whether you are a non-believer, a believer or a none. 


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