I read today that people should be more responsive to the needs of others than their own.

How can this make sense?  But, it does.  There is a birthday party just about to begin at 5:30 p.m. for a 3-year-old girl.  One can think this way – having a birthday party is rewarding to the girl because of all the presents she will be receiving.  But, I hope this is not often the way to think about celebrating a birthday for the girl.  Instead, the family celebrates because of the hope to grow in faith, hope and love.

Faith.  Growing in Faith.  It would be nice to think that this family shares my thoughts of growing faith in the family as they celebrate the birthday year after year.  That the girl will receive blessings and gifts from the God to help her through life.

Hope.  Growing in Hope.  A simple prayer and words to recite in the celebration, from Catholic Online states:

I pray that one day we can all get along and be happy together. 

I pray for people that are not as kind that they become closer to you and everyone around them. 

I pray for people that have less or nothing that they can still be happy even though they don’t have what they need. 

I thank you for the people in my life, the things that I have, love that I give and receive, and giving me the chance to love and forgive one another. 

I thank you for my health, so I can live to be a better person everyday. I thank you for my legs, so I can walk on your beautiful earth.  I thank you for my eyes, so I can see the beautiful things in life, and I thank you for letting me be me. 
Love.  Growing in Love.  One sentence from  Catholic Online states:  [Lord], You sacrificed Your life for us and asked for nothing in return.

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