7 desires of your heart (from a priest)

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To be heard and understood

To be affirmed

To be included

To be touched

To be safe

To be chosen

To be blessed

I picked up this list from a YouTube short and pondered on them.  In a way, everyone wants:

  1. To be heard and understood

~ often when I do not get this without listening and understanding the other person first.  This item to be a give and take.  The roles need to reciprocate.

  1. To be affirmed

~ in my relationship with my husband (who just shared a music video with me of a singer on American’s Got Talent), I learnt that I need to affirm his hobby because it is actually something that we can share.  He feels important, when I affirm his hobby.

  1. To be included

~ in my relationship with my husband, it is difficult to always try to include him in activities because he has his own schedule, but I always try to involve him in what I do, to bond.

  1. To be touched

~ as I send imaginary hugs

  1. To be safe

~ this space is necessary to acquire because every person wants some sort of control to a certain extent.  So being safe in a space needs to exist.

  1. To be chosen

~ in high school, is an example. . .puppy love existed and began the maturation of feelings towards the other sex.

  1. To be blessed

            ~ just to wake up every day is a blessing.


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