Talking to God

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Hello Lord,

I am going to a funeral this morning.  I don’t even know this person personally.  I often passed by her gift shop at the church.  She seemed to be there every day selling to support the Carmelite nuns.  I remember seeing her ever since I started going to the church more than 20 years ago.  She smiled sometimes.  She frowned sometimes.  But, despite what her days were like, she was there serving you, Lord.  Anyway, I saw it fitting to attend her funeral.  The Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary will be prayed before Mass.

I will be praying for her all day and I have asked my daughter and her friend to pray for her, too.

Today is a solemn day as our parishioners mourn the loss of so many this Christmas.  The Lord has decided to knock on the door of many and they answered His call.  It is a time for me to remember the people in our community that has chosen to be faithful all their lives.  They have completed their mission and are finally put to rest to face You.  You ask them, “What have you done with the life I gave you?”  What is their story but one full of grace as they lived out their lives?

These are my three words:




Dear Lord, forgive their SINS and bring them to ever EVERLASTING LOVE in your kingdom.  May God be with us.



Your beloved daughter,



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